Carnacho started for Argentina’s senior team for first time recent

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Carnacho started for Argentina’s senior team for the first time in the recent warm-up game, a 3-1 win over Costa Rica.

He played a total of 71 minutes in the game. He has already play 5 games for the Blue and White Army.

The Argentine boss opens up after giving the Manchester United winger his first start.

Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni believes Manchester United winger Alejandro Carnacho can contribute to the team. But it all depends on สมัคร ufabet the player’s form, whether he can maintain his good form consistently or not. Because in the national team, competition is high and there are many good players.

“[Alejandro] Carnacio and [Valentin] Carboni, they are young guys who can contribute to the team. And we will see if in the future they will our team or not,” said the 2022 World Champion Boss.

“But overall I’m happy with them. It is not easy to play wearing this shirt. or with these opponents that make your life difficult“

Carnacho started for the Argentina national team. For the first time in a friendly against Costa Rica 3-1 on Wednesday morning.

In such games He is positioned on the left wing. He was on the field for a total of 71 minutes before being substituted. And got to pull the trigger 2 times. Pass the ball in a win-lose way to give friends a chance to score 2 more times.

As for Carnacho, he has play 5 matches for the “White Sky” senior team. But has never produced a score or an assist for the team.