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Tom Yum Chicken Breast with Mushrooms.

     Ready to be delicious with the menu of Tom Yum Chicken Breast with Mushrooms Season with tamarind juice and fish sauce. Add paprika enough to have a spicy taste. Sprinkle with parsley to add flavor. Ingredients: Tom Yum Chicken Breast with Mushroom Tom Yum dishes include galangal,

Whole Wheat Spaghetti.

Check out this noodle dish like this seafood whole wheat spaghetti. Even though they use Italian-style spaghetti. But it has been adjusted to taste and add other ingredients to fit the Thai tongue more. It’s worth trying.It’s easy menu. Ingredients for Seafood Whole Wheat Spaghetti Ingredients:  Whole

Grilled Pork with Garlic Pepper Sauce.

Grilled Pork with Garlic Pepper Sauce A menu for people who want to take care of their health because it’s grilled pork in an oil-free pot. The deliciousness is at the roast pork with black pepper. Marinated until tender and flavorful with the Instant Stir-Fry Maggie Sauce and

How to make guava juice.

Add vitamin C for rainy season with guava juice. This healthy drink recipe is made with fresh fruit, added with honey and lemon for a refreshing boost.      It’s rainy season I want you to try to make fruit juices. Especially guava juice. Which has a lot of vitamin

Lemon Green Tea

Lemon Green Tea

 For anyone with green tea powder In addition to making green tea with fresh milk Let’s try to make lemon green tea, shall we? This recipe can be eaten hot or cold as you like. Ingredients Lemon Green Tea 2 teaspoons of green tea for brewing 500 ml

Thai Chips and Thai Fries

Thai Chips and Thai Fries

Thai Chips and Thai Fries, crunchy, delicious, can’t stop. Thai root crops can be used to make french fries and crispy potato chips just like potatoes. Importantly, some brands of instant potato chips are now It’s not made from potatoes but made from potato starch. Mix corn flour,

Baked Eggplant with Cheese Keto Style.

Baked Eggplant with Cheese Keto Style

Baked Eggplant with Cheese Keto Style. That Rich in vitamins and protein from tomatoes and eggplants. Topped with aromatic, rich cheese, this is a healthy keto-style, clean, oil-free fryer. Do not be afraid of fat because the cheese that we use is low-fat cheese. Ingrediet 100 grams

egg and vegetable cupcakes

Egg and Vegetable Cupcakes

       Kids and Adults can enjoy egg and vegetable cupcakes with spinach, carrots, onions and tomatoes. Eggs are indispensable. Finally, sprinkle the cheese. Ingredients 4 eggs 6 tbsp diced carrots 6 tbsp diced tomato pulp 1/2 cup diced onion 1 cup young spinach 1/4 cup grated

crab fried rice

Crab Fried Rice

 Who wants to make crab fried rice for breakfast? This recipe uses strong heat for aroma. Garlic with onions and spring onions The highlight is the crab meat.   Ingredients minced garlic 2 duck eggs diced onion Successfully slaughtered the blue crab Steamed rice (chilled) soy sauce Oyster Sauce

Bear Pancake

Bear Pancake

     Bear Pancake Get the pan ready so you can fry the bear pancakes for the dawn. This recipe puts everything in a blender. When finished, drop the batter in the pan and fry until cooked. Dress up as a cute bear Pancake batter ingredients All purpose flour 1+1/2