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Monthly Archives: May 2021

Larb Moo Tod

Larb Moo Tod

     Larb Moo Tod. it is difficult to eat, so we have to transform into fried pork larb. Mix minced pork and mix with spicy minced machine. Form a round ball and fry until cooked. Eat with fresh vegetables, delicious, of course. Ingredients Laab Fried Pork     300 grams

fried pork with fish sauce

Fried pork with fish sauce

   Turn to make fried pork with fish sauce instead. Catch the pork belly marinated with fish sauce and seasonings. Fry until crispy, fragrant. Cut thick pieces as you like. Ingredients      500 grams of pork belly     3-4 tablespoons of good fish sauce     Ground pepper (slightly)     1 egg    

Salted fried pork belly.

Salted fried pork belly

   Salted fried pork belly.  Crispy flour all made fried pork with fish sauce. Or salted pork belly.The recipe is easy to make, only fish sauce. And do not have to marinate the pork to be chaotic Certification can save a lot of. ingredients      1 kg of pork    

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Salt fried pork ribs

    Salt fried pork ribs Hurry to buy pork ribs stocked up before New Year’s Day. Wait, the female merchant will go home. I don’t know how to eat.  who wanted to chew my bone, I recommend the ribs, pork fried eaten with sticky rice delicious. ingredients