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Crispy Shrimp Fruit Salad.

Catch leftover shrimp and fry to make a crispy shrimp fruit salad recipe from us. Add assorted fruits of your choice along with big fried shrimp and fruit salad cream. Easy homemade fruit salad with apple, pear, mandarin oranges and shrimp in creamy dressing. This is one of

Vegetarian Gyoza Sticky.

    Today’s vegetarian snack menu. We present Vegetarian Gyoza even though it doesn’t have meat. It can be delicious Japanese style. Want to eat fried Or steamed, it’s all delicious. Let’s write down the recipe and let’s do it together.  what to prepare (for gyoza sauce)¼ cup soy sauce¼ cup vinegarSesame

Thai Chips and Thai Fries

Thai Chips and Thai Fries

Thai Chips and Thai Fries, crunchy, delicious, can’t stop. Thai root crops can be used to make french fries and crispy potato chips just like potatoes. Importantly, some brands of instant potato chips are now It’s not made from potatoes but made from potato starch. Mix corn flour,