Real Madrid thrashed Real Valladolid 6-0.

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Real Madrid thrashed Real Valladolid 6-0 in a game where Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick. Real Madrid who had escaped 15 points from Barcelona. Before the game sent Karim Benzema to lead the offensive line with Vinicius Juniors as usual. 

Real Madrid took the lead 1-0 in the 22nd minute from a brilliant counter-attack. Marco Asensio flowed right for Rodrigo to catch one before smashing a shot from the right in the penalty area. 

Then it was Karim Benzema’s show time. Which took 7 minutes to make a hat-trick, starting with the first goal in the 29th minute. Vinicius found an open rhythm from the left to the far post, Benzema left. The header went into 2-0 UFABET

Followed by the second goal 3 minutes later that Benzema connected the ball with a friend on the left before Vinicius poked and rocked to find a shot hole in front of the penalty area that was decisively 3-0. 

Then, at the end of the 36th minute, Rodrigo dribbled to the end of the backline on the right before dropping in front of the goal, Benzema turned around, somersaulting a brilliant six-yard shot that gave Real Madrid a 4-0 lead. 

Real Madrid’s second half was still dominant with two goals from Marco Asensio in the 73rd minute and Lucas Vazquez in stoppage time to complete the opening game against Valladolid. 6-0, increasing to 59 points, following Barcelona to 12 points again.