Lawyer explains Zaniolo was just playing blackjack.

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Nicolo Zaniolo lawyer insists the Aston Villa and Italy attacker never place bets on football. But only online poker and blackjack are play. If it is indeed confirmed, he will not be banned.

Juventus midfielder Nicolo Fagioli and Newcastle’s Sandro Tonali have both confess to betting on football matches. But Zaniolo has take a different approach to the investigation into the scandal surrounding the match with betting UFABET

“Nicolo never bets. He confirm this to me.” said lawyer Gianluca Tognozzi.

“It is possible that he play poker and blackjack on illegal online platforms. But I didn’t know it was illegal.”

“We will explain everything.”

Professional footballers are ban from all forms of gambling. But if Zaniolo is not placing bets on football or other sports. His position would also be very different from a legal and sports justice standpoint.

“He risks a fine of 200-300 euros unless he does it so frequently. That he is subject to additional punishment. But even then, it is consider very little.”

Zaniolo’s lawyer, Gianluca Tognozzi, recently confirmed that the 24-year-old star player of the Blues rising team. Never gambled online in any way.

However, if exam, it was found that Nicolo Zaniolo was indeed guilty. It may result in this rising Singh football player being ban from further involvement in the football industry.