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What is a capsule coffee?

Capsule coffee is real roasted and ground coffee contained in a capsule package for use with a coffee machine. Can be used once, comes in many sizes. The lid is sealed with foil to retain the taste and aroma of fresh coffee. As much as possible. and select

Pandan Butter Cake.

 Let’s try adding pandan leaves to add color, shall we? Today we recommend Pandan Butter Cake. Add fresh milk and chicken eggs. Pour into the mold as you like. Eat warm or eat chilled. It’s delicious menu. Ingredients How to make pandan butter cake?

Egg Toast.

     In the morning, making toasts for sweet foods might not be suitable. Presenting egg toast Pour eggs on toast Topped with Sausage and Bacon Sprinkle cheese for extra flavour. Make a large pan to share with the whole family menu. Ingredients:      Butter     Buttered Toast      Sausage,  Bacon, Tomato    

 Creamy Spinach Soup.

     Spinach Soup is high in iron, sulfur, beta-carotene, magnesium and calcium. But it’s bitter! Serve breakfast, fragrant soup menu, pleasing to western food lovers. Add fresh cream for a mild flavor. Full stomach in the morning is valuable. Stop eating canned soup for a while. Ingredients Cream of

Newcastle 2 – Manchester United 0.

Newcastle moved up to third in the table after beating Manchester United 2-0 thanks to second-half goals from Joe Willock and Callum Wilson. English Premier League Football  Newcastle 2 – Manchester United 0 Stadium: St. James’ Park  Newcastle have Nick Pope fit back to the

Cancelo not celebrating victory over Dortmund.

Joao Cancelo was so frustrated with his substitute status. That he didn’t show up during Bayern Munich’s victory over Borussia Dortmund football on Saturday. ‘Sport Bild’ reported on Sunday that Portuguese full-back Joao Cancelo was not involve in Bayern Munich’s victory celebrations. Following their thrashing

Real Madrid thrashed Real Valladolid 6-0.

Real Madrid thrashed Real Valladolid 6-0 in a game where Karim Benzema scored a hat-trick. Real Madrid who had escaped 15 points from Barcelona. Before the game sent Karim Benzema to lead the offensive line with Vinicius Juniors as usual.  Real Madrid took the lead