Cope with COVID-19 starts at home

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Cope with COVID-19 starts at home. In situations where the world is facing an epidemic like the coronavirus, or COVID-19 , prevention and self-care is of the utmost importance during this time. 

Cope with COVID-19 starts at home

Today the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus is increasing. Of concern is that the infected person does not show any signs of illness during the incubation period. As a result, many infected people continue to lead a normal life. However, even though these infected people do not have any signs of illness. But it can infect others, which is why the coronavirus, or COVID-19, spread so rapidly.

1. Social Distancing

Social Distancing is the distance between you and the people around you. Whether it’s family members, relatives, friends, or others, as well as unnecessary leaving the house. Avoid using public transport and be in crowded areas. Refrain from doing activities with others And refrain from joining groups

The reason Social Distancing is so important to all of us during this time is that so many of us are infected who do not yet know they are infected and do not show any signs of illness. But at the same time These infected people can transmit the infection even without any symptoms, the easiest way to get the virus is in close contact or contact with an infected person. This includes touching various surfaces and materials and sharing items with infected people. The best prevention and delay in the number of people infected in such situations is to keep a distance of at least 1-2 meters between them and avoid unnecessary contact with others . Social Distancing epidemic control is China.

2. Make the house ventilated. And the sun shines

Research by the World Health Organization ( ufabet WHO) found that the coronavirus does not like well-ventilated areas. And high temperature Or getting very hot sunlight This is because the coronavirus is physically characterized by having a fat envelope wrapped around it. When the wrapped fat is destroyed by heat The virus will weaken and eventually die. This virus does not tolerate prolonged exposure to hot climates. 

However, the Social Distancing Policy may give you more time at home. It was a good time. That you will have the opportunity to organize your new home to be clear The sun can shine through our suggestions. It may also be a good time to renovate your home or decorate your new home to make it more livable.

3. Keep cleaning the house. And wash the appliances in the sun

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been reported to survive on various surfaces. Including items that can be used for hours Or maybe several days If there is no cleaning (Depending on the surface type) In order to keep your home virus free, it is best to regularly clean the house and wash all the appliances. Especially objects and areas that are frequently touched or used. With an important cleaning solution or disinfectant , be sure to clean the items you use regularly. Like a mobile phone Wallet This also applies to your vehicles frequently (disinfectants are high concentrations and can be dangerous for people with chemical allergies. Please study the instructions strictly and use the chemicals at a reasonable rate.)

 4. Always wash your hands, eat hot dishes, eat each dish, and do not share things with others.

Importance of personal hygiene Whether it is persistent Wash your hands with soapy water for at least 20 seconds at a time, or wash your hands with an alcohol-based gel while outdoors. Always eat freshly cooked food. Do not use plates and cutlery together to do something to share with others. This is a great reduction in the risk of direct contact or exposure of the disease.

5. Wear a mask

Face mask It has become another essential factor in daily life for the situation right now. To protect yourself from exposure to the virus and to protect others, wear a mask before going out. Or while living with others It is therefore important for the virus epidemic situation at the moment.