Which coffee menus to suit your style?

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Which coffee menus to suit your style? “Coffee”, the all-time favorite drink for many people, with its sensual aroma and unique deep taste. Therefore, many coffee lovers do not miss to start their day with a good cup of coffee because drinking coffee not only creates a feeling of relaxation. It also helps us to feel more alert and increase our dexterity as well.

coffee menus

Today there are many different types of coffee. Each type has differences in brewing methods and flavors. Many of you may be wondering the differences between each type of coffee. And which types are suitable for us Especially those who are just starting out with coffee may have a problem with some coffee that has a strong flavor. Or some type is too light and still doesn’t feel awake enough It doesn’t fit perfectly

1. Espresso

Espresso comes from the Italian Caffè Espresso , which literally translates to “Caffè Espresso”. “Pushed coffee” is created by applying pressure from the boiling water. To flow through the coffee beans that are roasted and ground quickly Until it is a real concentrated type of black coffee water That does not mix anything further Because the original espresso There will be no other ingredients mixed at all. Only the smell and taste of coffee It is also a low energy coffee suitable for women who are on a diet. But it may not be suitable for people who are just starting out with coffee. Because it has a rather strong taste  


Cappuccino originated in Italy. Anyone who is just starting to learn to drink coffee Or at a moderate level I recommend this type of coffee. Because it has a not very rich taste. The main ingredient is espresso, but with fresh milk and froth. Suitable for those who want to reduce the intensity a little. Plus, you can feel the softness from the soft milk foam when you drink it. Or a little cocoa powder as you like Italians usually drink cappuccinos with bread for breakfast. Or maybe switch to biscuits or cookies as well. Guaranteed that it is the most perfect breakfast.

3. Mocca

Mocha is another coffee menu that many people love very much. In fact, Mocha is a real ufabet Arabica coffee. Which smells like cocoa, the specialty is the color, smell and taste of coffee beans Which makes it sound like a coffee with a mixture of chocolate But now it has been adapted to bring espresso coffee. Mixed with cocoa or chocolate Make it easier to drink Keep developing And attracted many new generation coffee lovers who do not like dark coffee very much .

4. Latte

coffee menus

If anyone who likes the sweetness The softness of milk foam Coffee latte is a pretty good choice. “Latte” is Italian for milk. Nowadays, many drinks in many cafes often have the word Latte at the end, for example, Matcha Latte is green tea with milk, etc. Therefore, in the coffee latte menu, it refers to drinks. Coffee prepared with hot milk By pouring espresso And hot milk and decorate the appearance of the coffee cup with milk froth. Lattes are often used to make art patterns on milk froths. Also known as latte art (Latte Art), this coffee tastes different from cappuccino in that the latte is less shot with espresso. There are also different amounts for pouring formula. Therefore, the latte tastes darker and more aromatic than other coffees and may cost a little more calories than other coffee varieties.

5. Flat White

Flat white is a coffee originating from Australia and New Zealand. Contains a large amount of a mixture of coffee and fresh milk. Thus making the coffee white The coffee surface is coated with a thin milk. The taste is not very intense. Suitable for people who are just starting out with coffee. Or coffee lovers who do not want the intensity Just take a sip and feel warm and soft, eating with coffee flavored cookies. This is perfectly perfect.  

6. Americano

Sip Pup, wake up once! The line likes it. It is very intense. Guaranteed. It became popular with Americans in the heyday of Fransize coffee shops. Where to drink pure espresso Then feel too dark So try adding hot water to the espresso to increase the dilution. And not cooked with milk, syrup or any sugar Turns out to enjoy the taste of real coffee It is a strong flavored coffee. But comes with a refreshing boost of energy to make the body feel rejuvenated quite well. More importantly, it is also the lowest calorie coffee. Any girl who can drink Americano? I assure you that you do not have to sit and count the calories very often.  

7. Doppio

The hard-core line may have been heard often with the term Espresso Double Shot, the kind of stunned all day. “Doppio” is Italian. It has a similar meaning to the word ‘double’, which means adding two shots of espresso, which will give the coffee a stronger flavor. And makes us feel more energized by the amount of caffeine we get But I will tell you first that This type of coffee is not suitable for people who are new to coffee. Suggest that to try coffee with milk first.