What is a capsule coffee?

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Capsule coffee is real roasted and ground coffee contained in a capsule package for use with a coffee machine. Can be used once, comes in many sizes. The lid is sealed with foil to retain the taste and aroma of fresh coffee. As much as possible. and select the desired coffee menu. Then wait for the machine to work no more than 1 minute. Then you will have a good cup of coffee. 

Which coffee capsules There are a variety of scents and different flavors. Such as cereal scents, caramel scents, flower scents, fruit scents, etc. Suitable for different brewing. Ristretto, Espresso, Americano, Lungo and some can also make latte, macchiato, and other coffees UFABET

How many types of coffee capsules are there?

Coffee capsules will be produced to suit your own coffee machine. But there may be some brands that are compatible with other brands of coffee machines. Currently, there are 2 types in the market: size 13x13x38 centimeters for inserting DOLCE GUSTO coffee machines and size 12x12x34 centimeters for inserting Nespresso coffee machines. Which if purchased incorrectly cannot be used together.

Coffee capsules come in standard sizes that can be used through coffee capsule machines . Nowadays, there are many flavors and flavors of coffee capsules that can be purchased in-store and online. For anyone who has a capsule coffee machine and is looking for the right taste of coffee capsules.