Salted fried pork belly

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   Salted fried pork belly.  Crispy flour all made fried pork with fish sauce. Or salted pork belly.The recipe is easy to make, only fish sauce. And do not have to marinate the pork to be chaotic Certification can save a lot of.

Salted fried pork belly.


     1 kg of pork
     3 tablespoons fish sauce
     4 cups vegetable oil


     1. Remove the pork belly was cut out from the film. Do not use the leather part Finished, cut into large pieces. Because the fried pork will shrink again.
     2. Put the pork in the pan, turn on the stove as strong as possible. Pour vegetable oil over the pork belly. Add fish sauce Continue to stir until the pork is cooked to a crisp golden color. Then you will see the oil clear up as well. When finished, scoop it up into a sieve to drain the oil and put it on a plate.