Salt fried pork ribs

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    Salt fried pork ribs Hurry to buy pork ribs stocked up before New Year’s Day. Wait, the female merchant will go home. I don’t know how to eat.  who wanted to chew my bone, I recommend the ribs, pork fried eaten with sticky rice delicious.


     1/2 kg pork ribs
     coriander root, garlic and pounded pepper
     1 tablespoon of table salt
     1/2 cup crispy flour (or wheat flour)
     1 cup vegetable oil

How to make salt fried pork ribs

     1. Put the pork ribs, salt and three cloves in a mixing bowl. Mix well and leave for 1 hour.
     2. Add the crispy fried flour. Mix well
     3.Heat the oil Add the pork ribs and fry until golden brown.
     4. Turn the side over, fry until the other side is golden brown as well
     . Put on oil blotting paper Or put it on a wire rack to drain the oil.