Larb Moo Tod

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     Larb Moo Tod. it is difficult to eat, so we have to transform into fried pork larb. Mix minced pork and mix with spicy minced machine. Form a round ball and fry until cooked. Eat with fresh vegetables, delicious, of course.

Larb Moo Tod

Ingredients Laab Fried Pork

     300 grams of ground pork.
     2 tablespoons of lemon juice.
     2 tablespoons fish sauce.
     Chili powder (as you like)
     2 tablespoons of roasted rice.
     Crispy flour 2 tablespoons.
     6 kaffir lime leaves
     2 scallions
2chopped parsley
     5 shallots Vegetable oil (for frying)
     Fresh vegetables to your liking

How to make Laab Fried

     1. Mix minced pork with lemon juice, fish sauce and chili powder. To match Add the roasted rice and crispy flour to mix well.
     2. Add kaffir lime leaves, chopped green onion, chopped parsley. And shallots lightly mix together.
     3. Form the Larb Moo into a round cube prepared.
     4. Put the Laab ball and fry in hot oil. Use a low fire Wait for it to cook by itself without turning. Fry until golden brown. Scoop up the oil drain
     5. The dish is served with fresh vegetables like