Fried pork with fish sauce

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   Turn to make fried pork with fish sauce instead. Catch the pork belly marinated with fish sauce and seasonings. Fry until crispy, fragrant. Cut thick pieces as you like.


     500 grams of pork belly
     3-4 tablespoons of good fish sauce
     Ground pepper (slightly)
     1 egg
     Seasoning powder (a little)
     Battered flour 5-7 scoops Table
     Cold water
     Vegetable oil (for frying)
     1/2 Tbsp vinegar
     Salt (a little)


     1. Dip pork thoroughly with a fork. Marinated pork with fish sauce, ground pepper and pork seasoning Add fried batter And the eggs are kneaded to combine. While kneading the pork, slowly add cold water to knead as well. Marinate for 30 minutes.
     2. Put the vegetable oil in the pan. (Shift to cover the pork pieces) add vinegar. And a pinch of salt in vegetable oil (To prevent the oil from splashing and not letting the pork stick in the pan while frying)
     3. Turn on the heat enough heat to fry the pork one side at a time until it turns brown. Scoop up the oil drain, cut into pieces and arrange on a plate ready to be served