Crab Fried Rice

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 Who wants to make crab fried rice for breakfast? This recipe uses strong heat for aroma. Garlic with onions and spring onions The highlight is the crab meat.  


  • minced garlic
  • 2 duck eggs
  • diced onion
  • Successfully slaughtered the blue crab
  • Steamed rice (chilled)
  • soy sauce
  • Oyster Sauce
  • granulated sugar
  • scallion
  • cucumber
  • Three Flavored Fish Sauce Chili (for serving)
  • Vegetable oil (for stir-frying)


     1. Heat a pan, put vegetable oil in it. When the oil is hot, add garlic and fry until fragrant.
     2. Crack the duck eggs and stir to combine Followed by onion and crab meat (halved to stir fry)
     3. Add cold rice and stir to combine. Season with soy sauce, oyster sauce and sugar. Then add the rest of the crab meat.
     4. Lastly, sprinkle the green onions and mix well. Turn off the heat and put it on a plate. Serve with cucumber and chili fish sauce.