Braised Pork Bone the healthy soup

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Braised Pork Bone the healthy soup. The body and the deterioration belong to each other. As we get older, it will affect our lifestyle. It affects all health and quality of life. According to traditional oriental medicine like China We will find that food is the key to regulating the balance of the body. To be healthy, you need to eat properly according to the principles of nutrition.

Pork… a popular source of protein.

Regardless of the age, the body still needs protein to repair the wear and tear. Pork is a very good source of protein and is popular with the masses. We will find that the less fat the pork part. The quality of the protein is even higher. Sirloin Bone-in, red meat are all rich in essential amino acids. And B vitamins that help repair nerve endings

Braised pork bone soup with Chinese medicine… a healthy nourishing menu.

Of course, when you are old Often has problems with chewing as a result Braised pork bone soup with Chinese medicine It is like an ancient wisdom of the science of food and medicine combined. This menu is good for brain maintenance. Helps the body warm, have energy, be energetic. And also solve the problem of anorexia Difficult eating of the elderly too.

Braised Pork Bone


listvolumeMeasuring unit
Pork cartilage250gram
Dried shiitake mushroom3flower
Chinese chestnut5baby
Fresh water chestnuts6head
White Soy SauceTablespoon
Coriander root crushed2root
Large clove of garlic3lobe
Fresh ginger, cut into glasses3Glasses

Chinese herbal

listvolumeMeasuring unit
Goji Seed3gram
Dou Tong5gram
Chinese sweet potato (Huay Sua)5gram

How to do it

  1. Cut the ingredients prepared. Peel chestnuts, chestnut chestnuts, garlic.
  2. Boil the water for scalding. Add a pinch of salt. Put the noodles paste into a blanch for 2 minutes and scoop up, then bring the pork cutlet down to blanch Wait for the blood and grease to rise above the pot. Then use a spoon or ladle to scoop the boiled pork bones out, put them in cold water, wash them thoroughly, then let them drain. As for the water used to scald, pour it out.
  3. Heat 7 cups of water to boil over the Chinese medicine. Except Goji Followed by coriander root, pepper, garlic and fresh ginger. Set medium heat when the broth starts to boil again. Add pork kabob, simmer for about 30 minutes, then add chestnut, shiitake mushrooms, paste into fresh chestnuts, chestnuts and season with soy sauce Simmer for another 20 minutes, add the goji berry to it. Continue to boil over medium heat for another 5 minutes and finished.
  4. If you want to add more nutrients, you can add vegetables such as broccoli, beetroot, carrot, etc.