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Rainbow Cookies

Rainbow cookies

          Rainbow Cookies The way to do it like a normal cookie is not as difficult as you think. The cookies are filled with bright colors from iridescent brown sugar flakes. Blend the chocolate chips too, making chewing more fun. Rainbow Cookies Ingredients          

holiday activities to increase efficiency in working days

7 holiday activities to increase efficiency in working days

7 holiday activities to increase efficiency in working days. Because our body needs a full vacation to prepare for the next work week Follow along and see what we should do. What holiday activities fill you up to live happily on Saturday like this! 1. A to-do list of the upcoming

Heart shaped cookies

Heart shaped cookies

         Heart shaped cookies represent beautiful love. Add a red strawberry filling, a little sour … really romantic for anyone who wants to convert it into a blueberry jam. Or raspberries as well as convenient ingredients             1 cup butter (softened)       

dealing with mistakes

5 ideas for dealing with mistakes in work

5 ideas for dealing with mistakes in work to make your mind feel better. Working.  life may be faced with Error in work. Some already how to have countermeasures and ideas to keep yourself from feeling down. Therefore it is important to keep us from going down And can walk forward. 1.Accept

Cope with COVID-19

Cope with COVID-19 starts at home

Cope with COVID-19 starts at home. In situations where the world is facing an epidemic like the coronavirus, or COVID-19 , prevention and self-care is of the utmost importance during this time.  Today the number of people infected with the COVID-19 virus is increasing. Of concern is that

coffee menus

Which coffee menus to suit your style?

Which coffee menus to suit your style? “Coffee”, the all-time favorite drink for many people, with its sensual aroma and unique deep taste. Therefore, many coffee lovers do not miss to start their day with a good cup of coffee because drinking coffee not only creates

Vietnamese crispy spring rolls

Vietnamese crispy spring rolls

Delicious Vietnamese crispy spring rolls,  With dipping sauce !! This recipe does not use regular spring rolls. But use a sheet of flour to make. Let’s look at the ingredients and how to make them. Vietnamese crispy spring rolls Ingredient ufabet Flour 5-6 sheet Shrimp, coarsely chopped 150

enzyme in fruits

What is enzyme in fruits?

What is an enzyme? Find out.  What is enzyme in fruits? Many people may start to see the word enzyme water often, then what is the enzyme and what function? Why is it necessary to have a lot of health? Today we will find out. Enzyme